Love for Dries Van Noten

20130330-020753 PM.jpg
What have Dries Van Noten did? Did a lot. And he is now the hottest of all. This quite Belgian based in Paris designer, one of the Antwerp’s “7” fashion designers, is totally not a newcomer, but he had to wait a lot of seasons to be really spotted. Thanks to his Kurt Cobain inspired SS13 collection, Dries is now the “fashion man” of the moment.
He, opposite to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent, made grunge style NOT black and heavy and not woman- in van Noten version, grunge need to hippie flowers, colours and checks. Just as Kurt Cobain did. So, thanks to Dries Van Noten, grunge has a totally fresh, Summer look that’s really comfortable and at the same time affordable. This season’s must have from Van Noten are these checked shirts in various colours and silk pants. They have something very vintage in them, the same as the geometrical shoes with a gold rounded heel! They are just awesome. Most of them I saw in Paris, in Le Bon Marche.

20130330-021635 PM.jpg

20130330-021653 PM.jpg

20130330-021717 PM.jpg

20130330-021723 PM.jpg

20130330-021825 PM.jpg

20130330-022322 PM.jpg

20130330-022426 PM.jpg
Dries Van Noten was also feautured in the recent I-D Magazine and had it’s editorial in Question and Answear issue. It was worn be Chloe Norgaard, the girl with green/red/yellow hair who was the star model at latest Rodarte show. She did looked stunning the same as in the editorial! Located in a garden, Chloe was posing in Dries clothes and having a real fun and…smile!

20130330-023149 PM.jpg

20130330-023202 PM.jpg

20130330-023228 PM.jpg

20130330-024335 PM.jpg

20130330-024349 PM.jpg
And what about AW13? Girls meet boys and boys meet girls. Female, Boheme like dresses with colourful feathers and jewels are worn with tomboy shoes. Elegant jackets with Parisian scarves and silk pants in lines are meeting silver high heels. Everything is pretty paradoxal and at the same time kept in same vibes and atmosphere. In reality, every women will find here something for her! The mirror earrings are mind-blowing! Very stylish the same as the collection, and the same as the SS collection, looks affordable and easy to wear. It’s perfect and for a lunch or work and for a dinner in elegant/casual restaurant or party!

20130330-025823 PM.jpg

20130330-025836 PM.jpg

20130330-025813 PM.jpg

20130330-030051 PM.jpg

20130330-030059 PM.jpg

20130330-030107 PM.jpg

20130330-030114 PM.jpg

20130330-030125 PM.jpg

20130330-030006 PM.jpg

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