Florence Welch’s House

20130501-030421 PM.jpg

Florence Welch new gregorian styled house in center of London is a real pearl! It’s her first own house (before she lived with her mother and brother, but had to move because her wardrobe took whole first floor) and she designed in with her designer friend. The effect- a lovely and beautiful house full of cushions, colours, dresses and light. It’s all cosy thanks to lots of cosy furnitures from fee markets in London and the mediterrean colours- orange, yellow, red and tourqoise. The wardrobe is magical! Saint Laurent vintage dresses hang on windows, favourite shoes of Flo are everywhere and there is a great cupboard full of jeans! I love this house as much as Florence and The Machine music!

20130501-031021 PM.jpg

20130501-031028 PM.jpg

20130501-031037 PM.jpg

20130501-031047 PM.jpg

20130501-031054 PM.jpg

20130501-031101 PM.jpg

20130501-031108 PM.jpg

20130501-031115 PM.jpg

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