Monaco Life. Dior Resort ’14

20130519-121741 PM.jpg
“Monaco made sense as a venue for a few reasons. Historically, there was the connection between Christian Dior and Princess Grace, which is now echoed by Simons’ friendship with the principality’s Princess Charlene. Five minutes of chat with her and it’s obvious that she’s a Euro-royal Katniss Everdeen. She’ll do for Simons in Europe what Jennifer Lawrence has been doing for him in Hollywood. Both of them are young women on the furious move.” The new Resort 2014, 6th Raf Simons collection for Dior happened in Monaco, the city of money, fast cars, casinos and beach. The show was located on a local molo on the beach. But, unfortunately that day, when everything was planned for bright sun (huge open spaces and windows around the runway), a big storm with rain started, and the everything had to be closed. But that’s just a detail. Quite funny one, as Raf thought! The show was superb!

20130519-122153 PM.jpg

20130519-122203 PM.jpg
Resort 2014 at Dior was all about shape and simplicity. The elegance was ver Miss Dior- beautiful silhouttes, great fabrics and colours. Raf Simons as always took inspirations from Christian Diors archives that are full of Monaco style influenced looks. It was all kept in a elegant sport relationship that looked slightly less couture as always- more swimming suites and beatiful jackets. As I said the colours are really refreshing and are mostly found everywhere in Monaco. This is the 6th in the row masterpiece collection by Raf Simons!

20130519-024452 PM.jpg

20130519-024505 PM.jpg

20130519-024515 PM.jpg

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