­čî╣Olympia’s Sexy Red Riding Hoods­čî╣

20130531-040939 PM.jpg
So, after Olympia Le-Tan designed these ridiculous book cluthes that are everywhere’s bestsellers, our Olympia believed in her fashion talent and launched already her second womenswear collection. The clothes are all blasting with sex appeal, slim fitting and bavarian luxury. The effect is shown in this pretty cute lookbook, that is illustrated by Pierre Le-Tan (Olympia’s dad). As a result, instead of the heads of models in the pictures were painted: foxes, bears, deer, deer, rabbits and other forest dwellers. The whole project is collaborated with Ellen Von Utwerth! It all sounds cute and superb, but still the clothes are, I would say, looking cheap and poor, and the must have clutches are sad for me.

20130531-041655 PM.jpg

20130531-041701 PM.jpg

20130531-041707 PM.jpg

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