Summertime Sadness


Is it a “sad” campaign marathon? After seeing Marc Jacobs “zombie” models that made me feel intrigued and interested, now I see Cara Delevigne at Saint Laurent. First of all, Cara is very sensitive, kind of crazy and fun person- in this campaign, unfortunately, she looks like a bird closed in a cage. It’s all so not right- The Hedi Slimane photography talent (unfortunately, I never have an occasion to feel it) is poor, the clothes look like Topshop from past years and everything is not on right place. Here, much better would do Kate Moss (her maturity, sex appeal and so on) on a leather sofa, in leather mini skirt from collection and looking like on high. For sure not Cara, in the background of see and an old villa with an ultra skinny boy. This shoot is too depressing for me, and totally without any sense. It had to be punk, rock and roll, Courtney Love, it went out as always shitty.


Would love to hear what you think!

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