Sky View of PARIS

20130716-112624 AM.jpg
The new AD France is checkng out best lofts of Paris, and one of them is here. And it’s really beautiful! First of all, the loft | apartment is located in a pretty old building, in centre of Paris. Well, centre of Paris has a big amount of high buildings, so logically, the view isn’t really amazing. But thats just a theory. And in practice, this loft has one of the most beautiful views in whole Paris! From here a panoramic view of the most important places in the city of love is visible. So the owner should be really lucky!
The interior design is as stunning as the window view- it’s all black and white, with a wide usage of marble and delicate ornaments that decorate the walls and the kitchen. But in overall it’s really modern and minimalistic. However the lobby with a big balcony looks gracefully! It’s all about chic and elegance. And somehow reminds me of Saint Laurent’s new boutiques that are full of my favourite stone- marble!

20130716-113941 AM.jpg

20130716-113953 AM.jpg

20130716-114005 AM.jpg

20130716-114016 AM.jpg

20130716-114026 AM.jpg

20130716-114036 AM.jpg

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