Expressions on Chanel AW13

lindsey wixon chanel AW13“A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air.” chanel-aw13“I design eight collections per year for Chanel because I think Chanel is one of the few, if not the only company, where, every two months, the windows are totally renewed”1033246“Guilty feelings about clothes are totally unnecessary. A lot of people earn their livings by making clothes so you should never feel bad!”1033245“People buy dresses to be happy, not to hear about somebody who suffered over of a piece of Taffeta”chanel_cuissardes_en_cuir_et_chaines_shopping_punk_9832182_north_545x.1“If you spend time waiting for inspiration to come to you, for the ideas to gush forth, it will be too late. It is like with magazines. There are deadlines. We have deadlines and that is a healthy form of discipline. It created ideas”1033285“There will never be a Chanel collection without black”1033286“Things have to be beautifully made even if they are full of fun, fantasy and futility”1033261“I am happy that so many people in the world like Chanel!” All quotes by Karl Lagerfeld are very smart. And this collection celebrating Chanel’s 100 year anniversary is just one of the most beautiful in Karl’s carrier! With it’s world approuch, and amazing craftsmenship, it rocks the season. And the leather-vinyl boots with chains are simply KARLnifying!

Would love to hear what you think!

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