Claire Barrow X Matches

Claire-BarrowOn the 4th of September we will see on the British on-line luxury clothes site Matches Fashion a launch of limited edition, six piece collection with illustrator and designer Claire Barrow. The theme of the collection- the girl gang. But why? As you need to know, Claire’s designs always have something of a rock & roll attitude- biker jackets, boots. No wonder why the collection is supplied with these elements! Barrow has hand-painted leather biker jackets and clutches (one which is on picture above) with images of three crews of women which she has named after elements: Ember fire, Jewel Lake for Water, and Earth’s Angel fo5 earth and air. The collab sounds hot! Here is the link for the Matches Fashion e-shop were you shall buy all of these Claire Barrow treasures! And up here is the exclusive music video of this great collaboration!
The Measure: Claire Barrow zdjęcie 3 zdjęcie 2 zdjęcie 1claire_barrow_1 claire_barrow_7 womens_clairebarrow_main zdjęcie 4

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