The Granny Alphabet

20131028-075154 AM.jpg
Tim Walker’s charming new book, ‘The Granny Alphabet’, celebrates the indomitable spirit of ‘little old ladies who live down the lane’. The famous fashion photographer who is known for his fantasy editorials and stories, launched his new project, that surely already is buzzed all around. This warm book is full of illustrated stories, Tim’s photographs from Vogue UK and his private collections, and of course… Of granny chic, that is all the time being hot in all magazine. The mature chic covered by elderly women looks eternally fashionable, and the alphabet seems to pretty funny! Waiting till it will hit the stores!

20131028-075724 AM.jpg

20131028-075730 AM.jpg

20131028-075736 AM.jpg

20131028-075742 AM.jpg

20131028-075748 AM.jpg

20131028-075755 AM.jpg

20131028-075800 AM.jpg

20131028-075805 AM.jpg

20131028-075810 AM.jpg

20131028-075837 AM.jpg

20131028-075852 AM.jpg

20131028-075857 AM.jpg

20131028-075902 AM.jpg

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