Men’s: Raf Simons X Stan Smith

raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-4-960x640As we all know, Raf Simons is the master of collaboration- take the AW14 collab with Ruby Sterling or Eastpack backpacks. And this time, it’s all about the extremely cool Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas- Raf Simons revisted them with a colourful blast- a wide stripe goes through the shoe laces to the sole. And these cosmic buttons… Not forgetting that it’s all leather. And of course, very Stan Smith. The sole is simple, with Adidas logo- and big Raf Simons is written on the tongue. Now, I am really confused- should I be mad about these or Riccardo Tisci’s Nike? That’s a real dilema…
raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-1-960x640 raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-5-960x640 raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-3-960x640 raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-7-960x640 raf-simons-for-adidas-stan-smith-stripes-straps-2-960x640

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