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Lilia Litkovskaya is an independent fashion designer from Ukraine, that just looks like a hot name on the horizon. Lilia creates understated minimalist designs with modern urban twist, full of graphics, interesting fabrics and characteristic colour palette- her aesthetics is pretty dark and reminds me of Haider Ackermann and Ann Demeulemeester. The new AW14 collection is a study on codes of luxury and bourgeois style. It includes the label’s signature pieces – tailored suits, oversized coats and asymmetric dresses in finest wool, silk, cashmere and leather. What do you think?

20140419-091747 PM.jpg

20140419-091752 PM.jpg

20140419-091756 PM.jpg

20140419-091800 PM.jpg

20140419-091804 PM.jpg

20140419-091808 PM.jpg

20140419-091812 PM.jpg

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