Men’s: Fauxchino and not only. Moschino SS15


“Everyone’s logo is getting bastardised and played with, so why not play with our own and have fun with it?” Scott told us backstage. Now it was all about ‘fauxchino’ – Scott quite literally creating his own counterfeit vocabulary (think bootlegging the bootleg) by replacing Moschino’s ‘S’ with dollar signs. Then came the acid house smilies, seizure-inducing flag prints and re-appropriated soda cans. Call it logo-mania or ‘pop’ fashion on acid, but this was really about underscoring the brands own creative power. Scott has always been populist – “I don’t want anything I do to be so elite that only a rarefied few can touch them” – now at the helm of Moschino, this is about serving his electric postmodern humor to the masses and it’s becoming a cultural revolution. And as for the first debutant Moschino collection (shown us runway!) in London (and not in Milan) for men, Scott did a lot. This strong, vibrant collection full of smile, colour and 60’s like prints was a mix of SS15 clothes for men and Resort 2015 pieces for women. Backstage, Scott talked about how he just wanted to do things that people want to wear, and added that all the models had asked to take the clothes home with them. In a world where models are critics, this might be construed as a rave review, but really it was more a testament to how much Scott’s vision of Moschino is tuned in to young people’s commercial sensibilities.











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