Men’s: The Bullfighters. Dolce & Gabbana SS15


Oh my god, what a relief, Dolce & Gabbana boys! After seasons and seasons of Sicily filled collections that started to be seriously boring, we’ve got again something very hot and strong. The SS15 season meant Spain for Stefano and Domenico. The toreadors, flamenco, the Spanish domination of Sicily between 1516 and 1713, corrida… the main theme of the show was a bull. “Every woman wants one, every man wants one, too,” Stefano announced to great merriment after the show, before quickly issuing a correction: “Or wants to be one.” The bull appeared in a splash of blood or garlanded with carnations, because the other leitmotif was the color red. And that red was a real bloodbath (and mostly at the end, when the models wore the bloody suites!). In other words, the show was like a toreador fighting with the bull, which was printed on cool tank tops. But the collection had it’s soft side: the flamenco polka dots. I am really impressed with this great collection, and hopefully Dolce & Gabbana will make it as good for women in September!








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