In The Dark. Ann Demeulemeester AW15


Black, black and a bit of red. That’s what Sébastien Meunier did for Ann Demeulemeester this fall. So, in other words, slightly boring. Or even, very boring. I feel that after Ann left the house, the label gets monotonous with Meunier each season. It’s basially all about bringing back the black clothes from the archives and giving them something which is called “new life”. But is it really what Demeulemeester wanted after departuring? Having her archives being constantly “refreshed” in her Antwerp-based brand? There is a real lack of energy in these clothes for AW15 – they are not poetic as Ann used to make them. They are simply black! Oh. And white & red in few looks. The stripes are also from Ann’s archives, so don’t think they are the intention of Sébastien’s imagination. A loud yawn.






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