Qua Phe

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Qua Phe is leading the Asian cuisine game in Berlin, and specifically the Vietnamese one. Great selection of finger food from Vietnam like banh bao or bahn gio is here, and you can eat it in a great atmosphere of wooden tables, Asian stools and raw, metallic elements. However, real Berliners come to Qua Phe as to a Vietnamese coffee shop – if you are visiting this place, don’t forget to taste their coffee drips with one of their signature desserts – ginger moshi! This gluey, sweet treat reminds me of toffee, but not quite…

Max-Beer Straße 37 / Berlin

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6 thoughts on “Qua Phe

  1. What an adorable little place this is. I’m curently looking to try different vietnamese & thai places in Berlin, so this one is def going on to my list. Thanks for the tip. :) Cheers.

      1. Can you recommend any other ones in the same style? I like the Good Morning Vietnam in Kreuzberg, it has very similar deco and the food is quite nice as well.

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