Fun. Ports 1961 Pre-Fall’16


Ports 1961 is under a new directorship of Natasa Cagalj, and it seems to move in the right direction. The designer, who started at Stella McCartney and continued her fashion journey at Lanvin is not a stranger to the best quality textiles and interesting colour palettes – her pre-fall 2016 collection, featuring the beautiful Poppy Okotcha, is a great example of a casual, yet slightly edgy wardrobe of a contemporary woman, who is willing to spend her money on the Toronto-raised brand. The new designer played with volumes, giving us those great-looking denim pants and elongated-sleeve tops. Also, I am in love with these little details that make this collection so fun – the cute pompons attached to the Celine-ish white sneakers and zippers on wool-felt skirts deliver a good dose of cool, care-free attitude. Nice!





Slide1-kopia 3

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