Vejas, Go!


Post-fashion-week period is the best time to take a look at the most exciting part of the entire fashion industry, so the young, talented designers. And if speaking of being young, Vejas Kruszewski is the best example – he is just 19 (although he considers this fact as “oversold“, saying that age is “gimmicky, like clickbait“) and his brand has been already selected for the LVMH Prize Award shortlist, where the winner receives 300,000 euros and a professional mentorship in order to develop his/her brand. Moreover, Vejas is not a rich kid coming from a fancy fashion school – he is a totally  self-taught designer, who has a very distinct vision. Utilitarian accessories and re-constructed shearling jackets (!), jeans and sweatshirts move along Kruszewski’s path of raw, unexploited scene of New York’s underground fashion. The clothes are genderless, and the philosophy of the brand is followed by New York’s boldest individuals, like the transgender “it-girl” Hari Nef, who stars in the autumn-winter 2016 look-book. She looks great in these well-manufactured pieces, right?



 The designer’s clothes, like the MA-1 aviator jacket or long, flowing tunics, are über-cool, but not because of the Instagram/Tumblr hype. Tactility of the textiles makes Vejas a label to watch and even one to invest in. In his Paris showroom, which was spontaneously set up during last fashion week, Kruszewski talked Dazed & Confused through his textiles and textures: “I found this speckled leather in brown that almost looks rusty and then also a purple one. And they’re basically remnants from furniture manufacturing. It reminds me of a bruise. There’s also a shaved goat fur. I like the way it sounds – a shaved fur. The wools are from a family-run mill in Italy. The sweatshirting material is something I like to work with because it’s so familiar, but this one in feels more spongy and it has a four-way stretch.” The Lithuanian / Polish descent from Montreal, Quebec, is about to kick it off with his baby-brand, if he wins the LVMH award. And if the odds won’t be in his favour – after observing the very early stages of this designer’s fashion, I am 100% sure that he will be able to make it on his own, as it’s a true talent alert! Go Vejas!






Untitled (121)

Photography: Chloé Le Drezen, Wilkosz & Way. Visit for more.

One thought on “Vejas, Go!

  1. Vejas wow I told you I would see your name in lights..You giggled and said I don’t think I want to be rich ….So proud of you…I still want that jacket c.o.d….Your one talented young man …Wow i just thought in a few more years you would be so work ..Bev….So Happy for you!!!!!

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