The Book – Maske


I am obsessed with ethnic minorities’ culture and costumes – and when I hear that there is a new book coming up about this very specific type of fashion, I am drooling. Photographer Phyllis Galembo travelled across west and central Africa documenting the tradition of masking for his new book / album, Maske. New York-based photographer has a deep interest in costuming and masking in various cultures around the world, and the effect of five year-long photographing of locals at rituals or traditional masquerade events in  Africa and the Caribbean is portrayed in her newly published book by Aperture. There are over 100 photographs of ancient voodoo clothing and masks, coming from such remote places as Cross River region of Nigeria or Kaoma in Zambia. Moreover, it’s worth to mention that Galembo, a white, Western woman, has been travelling alone, and had to negotiate all the permissions to photograph the rituals in pretty uncomfortable conditions. But the result of her long-term project is breath-taking, and the chosen photographs from the book (below) make me already covet this book, and wish to have it in front of me. I wonder if it will be as good as the cult photo-album Natural Fashion by Hans Silvester…








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