That Girl. No21 Resort’17


Who’s that girl? Her daily essentials: red lips, a cigarette. She doesn’t care about trends, as her style is all about the mood.  “My woman is real, sexy, a bit off-kilter; she’s not a bourgeoise.” This is how Alessandro Dell’Acqua, the designer behind Milan’s favourite No21, describes the girl who embodies his vision, who gives the attitude to his clothes. For resort 2017, the Italian designer delivered everything, from great clothes to off-beat, edgy styling. Sometimes, it was more about masculine part of the wardrobe, like the loose denim pants or poplin shirts. “She knows that a masculine touch makes for an alluring attitude, so she plays with it.” Maybe that’s not precisely about the gender-fluidity topic, but the beloved “shared” wardrobe is on the designer’s mind.

But then, we’ve got all these lace detailings, subtle cuts (continuing from autumn-winter 2016 checked sweatshirts) and flirty, striped dresses. Dell’AcQua tells an inspiring story of a simple white t-shirt, which is once all layered up under knits, or worn casually under a floral dress. A pastel-pink, silk varsity jacket is here, too. Shirts and tank-tops with patches which are so in-demand right now. To keep it even more twisted and unconventional, Alessandro debuted Dr. Scholl’s-like clogs, polished with bright satin. So good. Eclectism at its best, as you see. Dell’AcQua gives his unique character a wide range of must-haves to choose from next spring – and a lot of styling tips to snatch and make real right now!








Collage by me

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