Polish fashion is, honestly speaking, underrated. And I’m not saying that just because I live in Poland, and I want to support local creatives. This statement is true for anyone, who took their time to research talented, Polish fashion designers and forward-thinking brands. One of the labels that keeps appearing on my mind when I think of  new-wave Poles in fashion industry is Kreist. After reading this post, the Made in Poland tag will appeal to you – that’s guaranteed.

After Krzysztof Stróżyna‘s international success at his previous brand, Krystof, the Central Saint Martins graduate and New Gen alumnus took a step further, founding Kreist – an off-kilter, city-cool wardrobe for intriguing women. Although Krzysztof humbly calls his one-of-a-kind pieces “basics”, his biker jackets with hand-cut denim fringes aren’t the typical definition of the word. “Basic” is frequently used by glossy, high-streets brands, and in result the term is associated with those plain, tasteless sweatpants and ‘lux-looking’ bags . Kreist’s philosophy is different, and not that average. This organic label with a small workshop and a showroom in Poznań focuses on delivering aesthetically aware essentials for women, who aren’t interested in filling their wardrobes with one-season trash. It’s more of a wearable fantasy, but on daily basis.

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For autumn-winter 2016, Kreist presents classical jackets in bold colours, and recuts denim, making the pants look irresistibly desirable. But what stands behind the electric-blue midi-skirt, ruffled sleeves and dynamic, leather appliqué? 80s culture plays an important role in Kreist’s recent look-book – Blondie’s glam-rock attitude, Cher’s play with textures and colours, and David Bowie’s famous, gender-blurring silhouettes. A mood-board filled with this type of muse set can’t be a background for a minimal collection, and Krzysztof proves that.

Kreist oozes with creativity, and that makes this Polish brand already unique. With such potential, Stróżyna and his creative studio are ready for big, big plans and new, fashion challenges. Available at Concept 21 Store.

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