Loewe 001



Loewe opens a chapter in perfume industry, just like other prestigious houses with historic legacy. After the Spanish brands’ ready-to-wear and accessories rebirth sparked by Jonathan Anderson’s innovative direction, Loewe introduces 001 – but don’t think it’s another No5 à la Chanel coming up to your store. In fact, the brand calls their newest product a ‘creation’.

The first rays of sunlight filtered through the window. A couple, the attraction, complicity, spontaneity among them… the purity of a unique moment. A moment in which everything begins. Their first conversation.” What might that suggest? A Morning After, so the result of fusing two fragrances, one for men and one for women. They fit each other so well, and so unexpectedly that when they are combined together, the two fragrances create a third scent. If a love couple has two perfumes, and they can mix their scents together creating a beautiful marriage – then this is what you call #RelationshipGoals.

The women’s version of 001 blends an upper register of tengerine, bergamot and sandalwood with lower hints of vanilla and jasmine. Men’s 001 combines the same top and core notes with tones of cedar and musk. Moreover, Loewe’s first fragrance packaging features photographic artworks of Karl Blossfeldt.

Discover the perfume here.








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