Out of the Suburbs. Zimmermann SS17


Ruffles up, lace and tulle flowing – that’s Nicky Zimmermann‘s spring-summer 2017 at her namesake label. The Australian brand, which is on everybody’s lips after appearing in Beyoncé’s fashion-forward Formation video, is all about feminine silhouettes and care-free attitude of the designers’ youth. Zimmermann is relatively affordable, comparing to other New York-based brands, but still, the pieces are all about meticulous workmanship. This season, the fabrics steal the spotlight – take a look at one of those floral ‘prairie’ dresses with lace finishings around the collar and the sleeves. 90s off-the-shoulder trick appeared countless times, and it will surely kick off a new trend coming for next summer. While describing the collection, Nicky mentioned that the woman in her clothes is a “kind of sexy pirate”, nodding to her suburban childhood. Every trip to the city with her friends was an escapade – and I bet that wearing one of those Zimmermann pieces is a pleasure, too.







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