By Any Other Name

The word ‘basics’ rarely sparks much interest, especially today, when the fashion industry is flooded with ‘everyday essentials’ and ‘must-have classics’ we’re all meant to have. But when Rosie Assoulin surprises your Instagram feed with a launch of her daywear line, you just can’t expect it to be anything close to typical, ‘casual’ apparel. Which doesn’t mean that the first capsule collection from By Any Other Name isn’t a kind of wardrobe (a set of 15 pieces, to be specific) that has this sense of comforting, ‘on-the-go’ feel we all seek everyday while running errands. As the designer clarifies, it’s not a diffusion line of her namesake brand that does some of the most fantastic eveningwear in New York (simultaneously keeping it joyous and unpretentious). As Assoulin told T Magazine, “our collection and our customer is very attracted to the celebratory elements, they call it ‘occasion wear,’ and the reality is that there is also this other part of life that needs and deserves to be celebrated in its own way.” A striped shirred waist dress in cotton; the ‘lazy blazer dress’ (this name is so good it needs a trademark!); blazer with an arty, knotted lapel; a loose-fit blouse in white poly poplin which really is the ultimate essential; office-ready plaid, pleated skirt. Yes, those pieces celebrate morning, afternoon, and even evening moments that need less outside attention and more comfort, a sort of tactile support. Looking at the lookbook, I can actually hear Soul II Soul’s eternally calming Back to life, back to reality… 

To better capture By Any Other Name’s easy coolness (I know this sounds like one of those clichés, but the brand defines this sense really well!) check out the site filled with gorgeously spontaneous images starring the clothes, the girl and the city. Oh, and every single piece is already available to buy!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki; photography by Natalie O’Moore; styling by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

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