Saved NY. A Warm Friend!

If I had a chance to go back to New York, I think I would need a month to visit all the places I Insta-love in this city. One of them is SAVED NY – the ultimate heaven for all things soft and truly, truly beautiful. The founder of the brand is Sean McNanney, the Brooklyn-based artist and designer. He realized his dream of creating a line of luxury blankets with the introduction of his first collection in 2015 after working for Ralph Lauren Home. Since that time, SAVED NY has gradually grown, expanding from cashmere soft goods for the home to a fashion line including multiple collaborations with artists and designers around the globe – from Richard Haines to Andrea Zanatelli. Along with Sean’s passion for design is his belief that he can create a quality product using sustainable materials and following fair trade practices. He has great reverence for the traditions of Mongolian nomadic culture and works closely with the people involved: from the herders to the artisans. Each item is hand-crafted in fine, sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere, camelhair and yak down. The SAVED NY label is a unique marriage of old-world craftsmanship and modern sensibility. Sean’s designs are influenced by a lifetime of collecting objects, textiles and ephemera from around the world – no wonder why some of his most delightful designs make you think of the art of cabinet des curiosités. Designed to be an instant heirloom, loyal and lasting – “a warm friend“. Make sure to follow SAVED NY on Instagram and check out their gorgeous on-line shop, which as well presents all their collections. Big shout-out to dear Ellen (@ellencareyseedinc), thanks to whom I discovered this brand!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki, all photos sourced from SAVED NY’s site.

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