You’re Invited: Ed’s Dispatch.

Big announcement! You’re invited to join my weekly newsletter – or rather, as the name suggests, a dispatch – covering my personal take on latest fashion obsessions, cultural phenomena, vintage shopping, thoughts on films & music (new and old), and pretty much anything that inspires me at the moment – and hopefully inspires you, too! Once you subscribe to Ed’s Dispatch, you will receive a wholesomely delightful, weekly e-mail featuring an exclusive, subscribers-see-first collage (!). First Ed’s Dispatch is coming this weekend, so tune in. I will be absolutely grateful for your support in this new endeavor. Don’t gate-keep, spread the word!

To subscribe to Ed’s Dispatch, please click here. Hope to see you there very soon!

P.s. The journal, Design & Culture by Ed – the heart of my activity – keeps on operating as usual, so no worries about that. The newsletter is a space I’ve created for a more personal interaction with you, my dear reader!

Would love to hear what you think!

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