Interview with This Is Not A Tie

François Guillaume is not a street-style photographer who seeks the most fancy, Instagram-worthy handbag in a person’s outfit. On his independent blog, This is Not a Tie, François presents his photographs of people through the lense of his Leica. By looking at your photos, there is this very Parisian mood about them. In a way, your photos […]

Interview with Francis Kurkdjian

He knows how to talk about perfume like no other, using images that speak to everyone. Born an artist, Francis Kurkdjian became a perfumer. Through an association of ideas because he has a feel for his times, a desire to tell beautiful stories and curiosity about people and raw materials. For the pleasure of giving […]

Interview with Isaac Reina

The list of inspirations that designer Isaac Reina names include architects and industrial designers like Jasper Morrison instead of the usual fashion suspects. That’s not to say that Reina doesn’t know luxury – he spent years at luxury leather giant Hermes, and collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela. It’s just that his version of luxury relies on […]

Interview with Meo Fusciuni

Who is Meo Fusciuni? A perfume magician, I might say. A herbist, which understands human emotions. A bold character, which pours olfactory memories into a bottle of fragrance. And, guess what – he’s starring in our May interview. So take a sit and feel chilled out while reading this beautifully poetic post… What inspires you […]

Interview with Brandon Stanciell

Brandon Stanciell photographs women and men, using nature as the main props. For Design & Culture by Ed‘s April issue, we’ve caught up with him – here is the interview you don’t want to miss! You’re calling your self “The Man Who Loved Flowers”. Is there anything behind your enchanting title? Maybe it’s not too […]