Vogue Paris… You are BORING.

I wanted to write about this for a long time. But then I thought “No it’s still Vogue, maybe… Or maybe…” But after reading the recent January 2013 Vogue Paris with ex model and ex first lady Carla Bruni, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Vogue Paris, you are tooooooooo BORING! These black/white photos, long and boring interviews, old and too classical clothes, the same masculine jackets from 1980… I think Vogue P. stopped it’s progress. And it stopped when the changed Carine Roitfeld to Emanuelle Alt. Alt is a great stylists but I think she is too classical and dated for Vogue. When British Vogue, US Vogue are full of new fashion, designers, is opened for new ideas and Vogue Italia and Vogue Nippon are so creative and artistic, the first and the oldest of them, Vogue Paris is the worst. It is looking into past. And fashion needs future.20130102-094603 PM.jpg20130102-094616 PM.jpg20130102-094623 PM.jpg
And then again. All the time the same topic- beautiful at every age. This is important, but it can’t be moved every month and in every issue! When Roitfeld was on guard, Vogue was full of controversy, colour, you wanted to read it and you were desperately waiting for it every month.20130102-094831 PM.jpg
And now the covers I dont understand- the September issue. Alt chose the best 3 models- Kate, Lara and Daria. That is super. But why the hell she dresses them in the same cover and theme? September issue is the most important and the cover should be the best! And one more think. Vogue Paris shows only icons of fashion- Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Stepanie Seymour… But there is a NEED of fresh new faces like Karlie, Daphne, Arizona, Kasia, Hanne. When I read the Parisian edition of Vogue, I need to check twice the date on the bottom- I feel like I read a magazine from 1999 when I was born.

20130102-095034 PM.jpg
I hope New Year will bring some good “changes” for Vogue P. For now I recommend reading CR Book- the new magazine of Carine Roitfeld that is really great and contains of beautiful photos of fashion.

20130102-100501 PM.jpg