McMenamy’s: 1993 VS. 2013

20130528-083814 PM.jpg
Lily McMenamy (the topless model at Marc Jacobs) is my new obsession. She is the model daughter of Kristen McMenamy, known for ugly beauty she presents. We can’t say that Lily is beautiful, but she is a bit ugly but still she is… Beautiful! That’s so paradoxal! What else, at I-D magazine, few years ago (1993) Kristen was there on cover and now… The younger generation. Both have even the same face mimic. Lily McMenamy poses herself as she is, in her own way, sitting in the Givenchy skirt and US flag bra. I am already hunting for the new issue with LILY on cover!

20130528-085144 PM.jpg

20130528-085150 PM.jpg