Amusement of Disfigurement

Slide3-kopiaThis will be a strange post. Made in need of something amusing and ugly. Just as the Raf Simons men’s SS14 leather boots that reminds me of Zenon. Zenon was a 21st century girld who lived in space and wore cheap latex costumes in a similar Raf Simons colour palet. But really, these are ugly to death. I would never touch, them I hate this mix of colours! But because of being ugly they are fresh and amusing. Just like the series of Zenon that were taken from the Disney channel after three months because of low viewers amount. Slide4-kopiaSlide5-kopiaJ.W. Anderson is changing into a serious designer- his clothes are almost in every Vogue! And the most popular dress from his collection (FOR WOMEN) is the grey one with a geometric pocket reminding of a nurse apron and Fifth Element’s costumes. Well, it is not really beautiful (it really disfigures women’s body) but the ugliness made all editors use it in their editorials.Slide6-kopiaSlide7-kopiaChristopher Kane’s print fantasy for AW13 is really out of this world. It’s the… Brain X-ray. Sounds horribly, but it is possible to wear a real brain photo on a dress. With blood! Disgusting.  And the colours used here are terrible. More on!!!Slide1-kopia 9Slide2-kopia

Men’s: Winter 2013/14 for Prada

20130120-093149 AM.jpg
That was a good show! The models, setting, music… Yes the setting. The show set was like a contemporary lounge furnished by Knoll. It should have been reminding of an ideal home. The clothes were cool and smart, and very innocent. The clothes weren’t minimalistic but simple and easy to wear, at the same time perfect. The heavy shoes gave some tiny bit of rock and chic. In total the show was refreshing. Mrs. Prada this time the menswear collection was great!

20130120-095034 AM.jpg

20130120-095044 AM.jpg

20130120-095052 AM.jpg

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