Threads Fun. Ace & Jig AW15

Ace & Jig is a brand which looks forward to artisanal threads and interesting textiles. For their AW15 collection, Cary and Jenna collaborated with Caroline Kaufman – bold, knitted scarves with pompons and chunky, fluffy cardigans were introduced, contrasting with delicate cottons. Also, over-sized skirts and coats appeared, creating a pilgrim-like mood, worn with these gorgeous hats. I am happy tis all-American label starts to have it’s signature style on fleek (yes, on FLEEK).


Ace & Jig


What is Ace & Jig? When I first heard that simple, catchy name I knew from the beginning that it’s going to be cozy and cute. And I wasn’t mistaken. The designers, Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan, constantly bring new ideas to their New York-based label. They make winters be all about ponchos while summers feel the seaside notions and slightly hippie vibes. Material is Ace & Jig’s first love and to see them using traditional mills in India for making and dyeing their lovely textiles sounds great. For summer 2015, the duo gives as a flashback at pajamas craze of the 20’s, marine stripes and sailor pants with suspenders. The ease of those pieces, the mood the designers bring and the relaxing styling the look-book has makes me really want summer comeback. Those hand-embroidered caftans and signature checked shirts surely will deliver a warm ray of sun to your wardrobe. To end up this warm post, I truly recommend yout to follow their new account on Instagram!