Nicolas Ghesquiere / Advent 2014


December 24: Merry Christmas everyone! The wait is over- the first day of Christmas starts now. And if talking of fashion, out of 24 people who stole my heart this year, Nicolas Ghesquiere of Louis Vuitton wins the game. Since his first collection for LV, Nicolas brings chic, travel-inspired and aesthetical view to the Parisian house. With his friends like Marie Amelie Sauve or Pelayo Diaz, Nicolas Ghesquiere makes the Parisian fashion weeks anticipated more than ever! Specially for this occasion, lets shortly review what his 2014 looked like.

Vogue Paris - Septembre 2014









Dear reader of Design & Culture by Ed… I am so happy you are always here, with me! I wish you a very relaxing, stylish and beautiful Christmas eve & party with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Phoebe Philo / Advent 2014


December 23: Phoebe Philo is the woman who knows what women want. And women approve.

Sophie Hicks, architect –  The clothes are not tricky and they are never vulgar. If you want to feel right in your clothes and you don’t want to show off, or show your wealth, then you wear Celine by Phoebe.

Sadie Coles, gallerist – I’m particularly fond of anything that apes men’s wear and Celine comes the closest with its craftsmanship. They have a deep affinity with that feeling of luxury within materials. Wearing Celine is like driving a very, very expensive car.

Camilla Nickerson, editor – She understands how a working mom and a woman in today’s world needs to move and get through her day. She also can easily absorb and translate the culture. So her clothes make you feel connected to what it is to be in today’s world.

Rochas / Advent 2014


December 22: Alessandro Dell’Acqua had a busy and fruity year- he made his own label, N.21, the tt-label of every Milan women, and re-invented Rochas, the old couture brand from Paris. He brought chic, beautiful embellishments and fresh silhouettes to the house, creating a wardrobe for lady-like, bold characters. Rochas is not only a go-to for New Year Eve, but for every other event.

MBMJ / Advent 2014


December 21: Before, Marc by Marc Jacobs was a sister line of Marc Jacobs which, in reality, needed a boost. Basically, it was boring and ultra-commercial. But since Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley took the label over, it’s so, so BOOM-BOOM-POW.Their AW14 was all about Bolshevik-fonted dresses and skate-girl attitude, while SS15 was all about latex, polka dots and being kawaii. And the famous cornrows used in both collections, give the girls a sharp look.These two Brits feel like at home in New York… BRAVO to the new MBMJ!

Woman’s New York / Advent 2014


December 20: New York Fashion Week was never so full of female designers- Rachel Comey, Mara Hoffman and Carin Rodebjer are just few examples. This means, that real women want to design for real women! Designer guys, you’ve earned new girls on the block… Rachel Comey, Mara Hoffman, Rodebjer, all SS15.