Chic and Cool. Ami SS21

There are seasons when I love Ami. And spring-summer 2021 is definitely a highlight in Alexandre Mattiussi‘s repertoire. “Doing a physical show is a kind of political thing,” the designer said, elaborating that amid the pandemic and crumbling political situations around the world, he thinks “fashion needs to find humility in the situation.” The Ami version of humility might sound quite dramatic: veside the Seine, Mattiussi held a fashion show on a black wood runway complete with a soundtrack by DJ Jennifer Cardini and a cast of famous models like Clement Chabernaud, Amalia Vairelli, Audrey Marnay and Georgina Grenville. To counter the evening affair, Matiussi sent out clothing with a relaxed spirit. He described his co-ed, spring-summer 2021 men’s and women’s collections as “sophisticated but not pretentious.” The slim plaid maxiskirts and black wool LBDs proved the point for women, the louche seafoam and chocolate suits and baggy shorts did it for men. A series of mesh tanks, styled throughout with vacation-y beaded necklaces, emphasized the chill vibes.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Men’s – Bourgeoisie. Ami AW19

Haven’t written about Alexandre Mattiussi‘s Ami for a while. But when I saw the brand’s womenswear, now getting bigger and better than ever, I kind of fell in love with this brand again. The Ami man and woman walk together, shoulder-to-shoulder, very, very well. Mattiussi called the collection “an homage to the bourgeoisie” and said he imagined his men and women as the sons and daughters of old Parisian money who were going for tea with their grandmothers, but planned big nights ahead. The many shades of beige, from coffee noisette to ecru, looked quintessentially Parisian, and the pink-ish and green-ish colour drops well added up to the palette. The boys wore shearling jackets and hoodies with Eiffel tower prints, while the girls had masculine coats, blazers and floor-sweeping shirt-dresses on. CHIC.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Men’s – Into the Blue. AMI AW16


Alexandre Mattiussi, the designer behind a succesful menswear label, AMI, wanted to portray a Parisian guy (and girl, wearing identical denim borrowed from her French boyfriend) who lives a night-life. It’s not right to look at a collection from its end – however the sequin embellished pair of sweatpants and the glittering coat will surely make it to a major party in the heart of Paris. Just like the fleecy, pastel blue knits, which are guaranteed to look great during the fête, and the next day in bed, while having a morning hangover. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention THIS suede, shearling jacket. Many designers played with one this season, but AMI makes it look simply chic, when worn over grey, woolen pants and a flannel shirt.






Men’s: Too Cool For School. AMI SS15


For spring, AMI took us all back to school. With models wearing black Oxfords, white sweatpants, chcked / stripey shirts or denim vests, it really smelled with coolness. The designer, Alexandre Mattiussi, then proceeded to send out a youthquake driven collection that hit on all the cliché clicks that exist at any given high school, anywhere in the world. But this being France and Mattiussi being a Frenchman, his interpretation of those stereotypes were decidedly cooler then most.






Men’s: AMI Store 22 Rue De Grenelle

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Alexandre Mattiussi, the successfull designer of male fashion label, AMI, has just opened his second boutque on 22 Rue de Grenelle in Paris. Known for producing effortless, cool clothes for men, AMI has it’s status of MUST HAVE in Paris. Whenever you wear one of their camo trousers or wool sweaters, you always feel best. So no wonder why their recent store is magic- old tiles, the front desk looks like a bar and the old painting that hang on the walls create a atmosphere of typical, Parisian caffee! Personally, I would love to try out every single piece in that store and spend some time in it… more on

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