Rome! I utterly fell in love with this city. It’s just so cinematic, elegant, sunny, magical. The weight of history makes every single street feel so unique, as if those cobblestones and walls told their own story. Here are some of details I captured – my favourite addresses are coming up soon!

Rome’s signature rust red; Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches for Fendi at the brand’s gorgeous Palazzo on Via Condotti; the architectural gem – Pantheon; flower trucks near Campo Di Fiori; Di Trevi fountain, looking fresh after Fendi’s renovation; the opulent Santa Maria’s basilica in Trastevere.

Mum on the streets of Ponte district; Italian lemons…; the gigantic trees in Trastevere; another Roman postcard; those Sicilian pastries near our apartment were heaven.

A coffee situation in Trastevere; near the Spanish Stairs; the ‘can I stay forever at Prada‘s store on Via Condotti?’; there’s nothing more Roman than a Vespa.

Artichokes, minutes before getting fried and served, in the Jewish district; the beauty of bouquet making process at Campo Di Fiori; vintage books near Campo Di Fiori; again, a look at Santa Maria’s basilica in Trastevere – I’m always enchanted by the details here.

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Artichokes and Fruits in Rome

20130419-094911 PM.jpg
In the Jewish district of Rome that is know for the Jerusalem artichokes I tried this great speciality- I was shocked with it’s taste! The inside was really delicious and the outside was fried and oily. In the restaurant I ate these (sorry I don’t remember the name!) you could even see how Roman’s peel artichokes and beans. And what’s worth to mention is that the bulbs of these artichokes are as big as head!

20130419-095237 PM.jpg

20130419-095256 PM.jpg

20130419-095309 PM.jpg
And the real Dolce Vita food was at feet of Colosseum- the fruity market! For sure it was a inspiration for Dolce Gabbana this summer! The colour blast and fruits… So juicy they look!

20130419-095426 PM.jpg

20130419-095546 PM.jpg