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This marvellous special campaign of Dutch store Shoebaloo has one simple phrase as the topic- GO FISH! First you need to know, that the fish used in this campaign are real (now are for sure already ate by somebody) and the jewellery, that must smell horribly till now, is here for real. I really love these kind of campaigns using jewellery (LOVE by Lanvin looks shocking but lovely on that octopus) and food. It all reminds me of surrealistic, Dutch paintings of famous artists like Vermeer… Of course, it’s the Netherlands here!

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Claire Barrow X Matches

Claire-BarrowOn the 4th of September we will see on the British on-line luxury clothes site Matches Fashion a launch of limited edition, six piece collection with illustrator and designer Claire Barrow. The theme of the collection- the girl gang. But why? As you need to know, Claire’s designs always have something of a rock & roll attitude- biker jackets, boots. No wonder why the collection is supplied with these elements! Barrow has hand-painted leather biker jackets and clutches (one which is on picture above) with images of three crews of women which she has named after elements: Ember fire, Jewel Lake for Water, and Earth’s Angel fo5 earth and air. The collab sounds hot! Here is the link for the Matches Fashion e-shop were you shall buy all of these Claire Barrow treasures! And up here is the exclusive music video of this great collaboration!
The Measure: Claire Barrow zdjęcie 3 zdjęcie 2 zdjęcie 1claire_barrow_1 claire_barrow_7 womens_clairebarrow_main zdjęcie 4

Acne Studios Bento Box

6a00e5508e95a9883301901f0202d5970b-700wiThis funny piece from AW13 Acne Studios collection is not a kind of a modern house decoration. And it’s not a Japanese snack box. It is a clutch! But what kind of a clutch- it looks like made from marble, has a cool emoji sign or Acne’s Stockholm store address and has a mirrored inside interior! You shall fit there everything and anthing, and it’s a “living” piece of modernism in conceptual fashion! Love it!