Polish Sea

Here’s a little throwback to our trip to the Baltic Sea back from May… fresh, breezy air, daffodils, forest walks, crayfish for lunch, more forest walks. I really feel like I need this sort of detox again!

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

By The Sea


How big, how blue, how beautiful
How big, how blue, how beautiful 

Now there’s a few things we have to burn
Set our hearts ablaze, and every city was a gift
And every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips
And I was making you a wish

Florence + The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

I’ve spent my May Day by the Baltic sea, on a remote, wild beach… and I felt like in heaven. So quiet and peaceful. Relax – reading Vivienne Westwood’s biography, drinking lemonade taken from the hotel and feeling the breeze in my hair. Priceless!






Photographs by me

Baltic Summer



Polish Baltic Sea is usually underestimated by Poles, however it is full of truly unique places and experiences. Take the Palace of Ciekocinko – here everything is on a high level. Starting from the building’s furnishing to palace restaurant, the rustling of close-woven curtains, the rays of the sun coming down the secession wallpapers, in the same colours as 100 years ago in Bradbury & Bradbury factory in California’s San Francisco. Staying here is like being in a beautiful fairy-tale.

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The we’ve got the sandy, wild beach. Clear water. Blue sky. Dreamy but real, too!


Metamorfoza in Gdansk is one of the most extraordinary restaurant in Northern Poland. The chief of this restaurant fuses tradition with innovation – he chooses local suppliers and makes all the dishes look cosmic. And what’s interesting, he uses a lot of ingredients that are rather avoided in other kitchens. Leaves of sorrel are almost everywhere while ants are used in the dessert. But the taste stays always the same – slightly confusing, but good.

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Piwna 47 is a brand new restaurant in the heart of Gdansk. Their octopus carpaccio is delightful. While the beef steak with sweet potatos is must-try for a couple.

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Eating wild salmon is rare in Poland, but in Debki it is absolutely possible. And the taste of wild, smoked salmon makes you nearly hate all that salmon you buy in the supermarkets. The taste is very delicate and fragile and at the same time and you don’t feel the insistent aftertaste of smoking process.


Should I add something to my list? Definitely the beauty of Gdansk‘s seaport.