Nathalie Schreckenberg


Nathalie Schreckenberg is a German-Brazilian jewelry designer, who’s currently based in Barcelona. With her background in fine arts, Nathalie started a line of handcrafted earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants that might resemble sculptures of such artists as Jean Arp or Alexander Calder to some. With one exception – those pieces are totally wearable.

Schreckenberg’s brand DNA retains a raw, organic feeling to each of those precious, yet minimal treasures. Silver, natural gems and pearls are molded into ergonomic jewels that adapt comfortably to the body. Each piece reflects manual processes, connecting with the wearer – think of them as of ancient amulets for our times.

Discover the designer’s gorgeous lookbook presenting her second collection, photographed by Adrián Catalán, below.

Gaudi X McQueen

Gaudi_Sagrada_FamiliaFrom a period of time, while looking at Alexander McQueen’s archive collections, I see lots of inspiration of archtecture in all these fantasy dresses. Sarah Burton, the designer at McQueen, for sure had influnced her SS12 collection for British house with Antonio Gaudi Sagrada Familia and curvy buildings from Spain. Just look at the dresses- there are visible peplums, curvy details, lots of ornaments and this majestic feeling… And the no-heel shoes. They ARE like a cosmic building with their plexi wedges and leather stripes forming shapes. The collection is as mind-blowing, as the Gaudi’s fairy tale creations! 6a00d83451f3fc69e2015393619acc970b-800wiScreenshot_24sagrada_familiaMCQU_SS12_0951alexander-mcqueen-ss12-shoes-on-exshoesmeMCQU_SS12_0846