British Rose. Erdem AW15


Beautifully embroidered dresses styled with horse-riding boots? Definitely yes. That’s a cool masculine touch in a very feminine area. And it really makes the whole look great and not so banal. This season, the British “Valentino-aspiring” designer, Erdem Moralioglu, brings British aristocrat’s daughter to the world of hunting and romance, giving her not only fancy floral dresses, but croco-patent boots. She shows a bit of nipples, she exposes her shoulders. The new character of Erdem’s woman is curious and intriguing… and she’s not scared of covering a magnificently embroidered skirt with a burgundy turtleneck.





Sport. Alexander Wang Pre-Fall’14

Slide1-kopia 4Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection is a mix of New York simplicity and Parisian extravagance. Kept in sport mood, Wang shows that he is always doing “this” in a cool way. The male-vs.-female silhoutte is nothing new at Alex’s collections- tomboy shoes with these beautiful dresses and suits with colour elements look modern and at the same time comfortable. Plus the knee-cap black boots… I already feel these will be number one hits when the collection will hit the stores!Wang_012_1366.450x675Slide2Slide4Slide3

Maison’s Crystalizing

00250h_269973347_north_883xAt the Maison Martin Margiela X Swarovski collaboration during the MMM couture show, I was shocked how much phisics and science can change fashion. These crystal elements attached to the latex boots and bracelets  are not simply sticked with glue- no, on this occasion, Maison Martin Margiela did in fact debut something completely new. They worked with Swarovski and their new Crystalactite technology to create pieces of jewellery that glinted at you on the catwalk as cuffs clasped around shiny riding boots. The new innovation in the fact that it’s the first time Swarovski have fused crystal and white resin together without the use of glue creating a hybrid material that looks like it might have naturally grown that way over time. Margiela was the first ever house invited to such experiment and used inspiration from stalactites formations (hence the hybrid name) grown in caves. NOW AVAILABLE at COLETTE
mmm-swarovski maison-martin-margiela-swarovski-novaya-kollekciya-ukrashenij_2 20130729_03_The-Maison-Martin-Margiela-for-Atelier-Swarovski-Ring maison-martin-margiela-swarovski-novaya-kollekciya-ukrashenij_3 17589_10151728191304462_2104015002_n maison-martin-margiela-swarovski-novaya-kollekciya-ukrashenij_1 20130729_02_The-Maison-Martin-Margiela-for-Atelier-Swarovski-Pendant 910x683_mmm-7 20130729_01_The-Maison-Martin-Margiela-for-Atelier-Swarovski-Bracelet