Inflated Camp. Moschino SS23

At Moschino, there’s no such thing as too much camp. Jeremy Scott started his spring-summer 2023 collection with a bunch of looks that nodded to Yves Saint Laurent’s signature silhouettes, and ended with over-the-top eveningwear. But that wasn’t just that. One thing connected these two parts: inflated, plastic pool toys, which were everywhere. “Everybody’s talking about inflation,” the designer said backstage. “The cost of everything’s going up: housing, food, life. So I took inflation into the collection.” He wasn’t talking about rising hemlines or oversized volumes either. Every look save for a small handful had some sort of inflatable detail, be it a heart-shaped collar or hemline or “broken heart” lapels, one half on either side of neatly tailored jackets. “Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning,” Scott continued, acknowledging the bad news stories clogging our feeds. “I’m sure you do. I know I do. But no matter what is going on, we have to save space for joy, right? The darker it is, the lighter I have to be.” Making good on that promise, he embellished his evening looks with pool floaties. The most inspired of the bunch included a strapless purple column cinched at the waist with the deflated ends of a pink raft, its pneumatic ends creating a train, and another strapless number that was accompanied by a Lilo stole. By the end, Imaan Hammam’s look was more of a floatation device than gown, but that was Scott’s point. Anyone who could use a little buoying up, Scott’s your pool boy.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.
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Donatella & Anna Camping

This year’s Vogue’s Forces of Fashion biggest highlight? A conversation between two friends, Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace. And the personal photos they’ve shared with the audience (and the readers, right here). The above photo seems to be unreal! But it really happened. That’s the only camp I would love to go to. But also, how CAMP is this entire situation?! Now, have a great Sunday.

Camp Picasso. Moschino SS20

I still can’t believe that I’m writing about Jeremy Scott‘s Moschino. But his camp-y, silly, fun spring-summer 2020 collection just can’t be ignored. It was just as good as Franco Moscino’s Moschino. In a spectacle of art in motion, Scott’s line-up saw Pablo Picasso’s paintings reimagined as structured cocktail dresses. The designer drew on the iconography of the artist, transforming his best known motifs into theatrical, exaggerated garments – a dress adorned with a Cubist guitar, blouses with big shoulders that were flattened into two dimensions – that really, really amaze. Models emerged through a carved gilt frame, and even wore a wide, boxy dress version, its edges embroidered to three dimensions with gold thread and filled with a canvas of a Cubist nude that covered the model’s body. “Artists inspire the world” – this was Jeremy’s thought behind the collection. They really do.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.