Day 7: Upper West Side, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park and Broadway

Museum of Natural History, was gorgeous! I saw such amount of different cultures! I loved the most Aztecs and Mayas, Indians, Nepal, Japan, and Northern Asia! I am just wondering how is it possible that so much antiques, sculptures and others came to one place… Because MoNH is close to Central Park, we wanted to see it and take a long tour on bicycle-car with the guide.

20120811-075434 AM.jpg
As for me, Central Park is the most beautiful park in the world! It is so green and so… Natural!!!!( we need to remember that it was made totally by human and it is in the middle of metropolis). We saw the apartament were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live when they are in NY. We saw Lenny Kravitz house and Marilyn Monroe apartament were she lived for 3 years. But the most important was the Dakota Building were Yoko Ono lived with John Lennon. We saw even the window of Yoko Ono, and where was Lennon shot… Of course we had to see also Strawberry Fields, an Memorial of this legendary singer, designed but Yoko. The walk in Central Park was great!!!

20120811-080524 AM.jpg
For the dinner we went again to Morimoto restaurant in Chelsea. And that was delicious I ate an Uni, sea urchin, raw octopus, udon noodles for cold and my favourite- wagyu beef carpaccio and tuna sushi rolls. And on eight, we went on Broadway to Chicago Musical. We had a lot of fun there! They were dancing, singing, killing… After we had a short walk on Times Square and we caught a taxi and returned back to the hotel. Of course we had an excellent day in NY!


Day 6: Madison Avenue, Second Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Midown

Today I was in the Whitney Museum for the Kusama Exhibition on Madison Avenue. And that was a real disappointment. Well known for her use of dense patterns of polka dots and nets, as well as her intense, large scale environments, Yayoi Kusama works in a variety of media including paintings, drawing, sculpture, film, performance, and immersive installation. Kusama came to USA in 1957 and quickly found herself in New York epicenter of avant garde. After achieving fame thanks to art “happenings” she returned to Japan. Now she is one of the most loudest and known Japanese Contemporary artist and this retrospective in the Whitney features her works. However I didn’t liked the exhibition. The paintings were too… Ugly and normal. But the only thing I loved was the art piece with dark/yellow polka dots! And I will not write about rest of the museum because that was a hopeless. But the Frederic Malle perfumes and Rag and Bone shops were gorgeous! I also ate some ice creams in Eli Zabar Bakery (Madison Avenue).

20120809-053816 PM.jpg
Yayoi Kusama and this what was in the Whitney

20120809-053905 PM.jpg
Frederic Malle boutique, Rag and Bone, Pork Buns at Momofuku Ssam and Duck Dumplings
The next thing was a lunch at Momofuku Ssam Bar, whose chef is David Chang. We tried the iconic pork bun (a fluffy pancake with steamed pork and pickles inside). The dish was for me quite good, however it is really hard for stomach. The next dishes- were poor. But I bought, the Lucky Peach Magazine, that can be bought only in Momofuku. Because there was NO coffee in restaurant we went to Momofuku MILK Bar, that was on thesame street. I tried the first time in my life ice creams made out of… milk! They were great! We caught a taxi and drove to Bergdof Goodman on fifth avenue. We tried out some perfumes and I did lots of photos of some really fancy shoes! (I m gonna send them back at home!). To go back to he hotel, we chose a route through Central Park- in reality we didn’t see any green trees for few days! After some rest, we went for the dinner to Nobu- an Japanese restaurant. The food was really good- Wagyu beef, shrimp tempura, nigiri and tuna sushi rolls- but it was so annoyingly noisy there… But the most important was this that the fish was really fresh! As always, that was a great day day in NYC!!!

20120809-090714 PM.jpg