In Paris. APC AW18


I always consider A.P.C. as intellectual fashion. No, it’s rather a lifestyle. Jean Touitou is the master of simple, yet great quality shirts, dresses, denim and jackets. The autumn-winter 2018 collection for women and men is something of student geek and… Paris. Sorry, I know, I’m the slave of this cliché. But the mini red dress with white-collar and sleeves, styled with those burgundy Mary-Janes in polished leather, is the quintessence of Paris to me. The same as the boys’ leather jumpsuit or one of those preppy floral shirts. I just can’t stop looking at this collection, even though it’s not ground-breaking or ‘disruptive’. It’s pure A.P.C., and we all want to be part of it.


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Refined. Nina Ricci AW18

nina ricci

So what’s the deal with Guillaume Henry at Nina Ricci? After seasons of working at the heritage brand, the designer was reported to leave due to the maison‘s underfunding. Then, Nina Ricci’s company responded to the news by denying Henry’s departure, just hours after the recent fashion show. Oh, that crazy fashion…

But still, would you say Ricci needs a new designer? Throughout those three years, Guillaume has changed the label into an exciting and very refined place for women seeking the ‘Parisian allure’ (if we really need to use a cliché). Shortly, those are delightful, beautiful dresses, coats and accessories. Although the autumn-winter 2018 collection indeed felt as if it was witnessing a budget cut comparing to the last seasons, it was… well, good. Even very good – see the fur coats; the chic trackpants; voluminous shirts. I think that’s the main problem with old houses being suddenly revived by investors. The owners want big profit, they want the brand to be on everybody’s lips – but is giving the right amount of time for the designer even taken under consideration? Worth consideration.


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

De Luxe. Area AW18


For a few seasons, Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg‘s collections were New York fashion week’s escape to a cosmic-glam odyssey. With that niche, in fact, Area became a local trend-setter, that gets quickly copied by not only the up-and-coming labels, but the big players. This season, the designers took a more down-to-earth approach, but that doesn’t mean the collection was less disctinct to the brand’s identity. With more go-to pieces in offer, like adorably ruffled blazers or striped knits, Area smartly aims at the retailers. But the ‘she’s so fetch’ attitude is present, as usual – just note the leopard spots print, patchworked on a coat or used for slim pants. Crystal trimmings on the dresses and skirts are dramatically chic, wherever you are. Faux-fur appeared in all the fun places as well, while the intriguingly shaped hats brought a de luxe cowboy feel (think Madonna in Music video-clip). Some say that New York is short of young talent. Well, look at Area and better reconsider what you’ve said.

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Collage by Edward Kanarecki.