Colette Closes its Doors


Sometimes, innocent morning scrolling on Instagram hurts. My heart ached, while I was reading Colette’s latest post. Hoped it’s a late prima-aprilis kind-of-pun. But when all Parisians started posting the signature, blue dots, this became a fact – Colette closes its doors. The boutique on rue St. Honore was founded in 1997 by Colette Roussaux (who decided for retirement), and has been led by her daughter Sarah Andelman in recent years. “It’s the only shop where I go because they have things no one else has,”Karl Lagerfeld told BoF last year. “I buy watches, telephones, jewellery there — everything really! They have invented a formula that you can’t copy easily, because there is only one Colette and her and Sarah are 200 percent involved.

An era ends on the 20th of December. By that time, the most famous spot in Paris will reach its 20 years of ‘hype’ existence. When I visited Colette for the first time in 2007, it felt like a fashion mecca, where everything, BUT everything was (and still is) the ultimate holy grail. Colette became the example for all concept stores around the world to follow. The idea of having high-end brands like Dior together with streetwear favourites and niche books felt like out of this world, like total non-chalance. And it was the Colette’s founder who did that first. If you think of the number of collaborations Colette has done with all their brands – from sequin totes by Ashish to the current Balenciaga installation – its a chapter of fashion history on its own rights. As for now, the official statement of the store says: Until our last day, nothing will change. Colette will continue to renew itself each week with exclusive collaborations and offerings.

In other words, it’s another sad, sad day for the fashion industry.


All photos come from Design & Culture by Ed archives.

Charlotte Gainsbourg X Current/Elliott


Charlotte Gainsbourg, one of the Serge Gainsbourg daughters, just announced a collaboration with Current/Elliott. For the brand, she launches a capsule collection of vintage inspiration pieces, some jeans obviously but not only, a complete collection (shorts, shirt, jacket) which reflects the universe and the style of the artist. Well, the collection is seriously nothing special. Denim shorts, striped blouses… surely that’s all Parisian chic, but let’s be clear- Charlotte knows how to use her surname.







Pharrell X Adidas


One of the things adding to Pharrell Williams’ ever expanding and highly addictive aura of positivity and good will are the Stan Smith sneakers on those happy feet of his. The Stan Smiths have been fully embraced and celebrated by fans all over. In his recent public appearances Pharrell has brought the world some much needed hopeful beats and good tidings, with Stan Smiths helping him make the moves.
On Wednesday, May 28th at 11AM, Pharrell Williams and colette, will make available 10 limited edition Stan Smith sneakers customized by the artist himself; giving form to his creativity as inspired by the iconic adidas Stan Smith sneakers, and aiding in his desire to help others. Each pair will have a unique hand drawn design executed by Pharrell Williams himself, and will be available in a range of sizes while limited supplies last. But just let’s make it clear – Maison Martin Margiela and Rei Kawabuko at Comme des Garcons did it first! Available in STORE at Colette, 500 euros












Paris: Colette

20140101-034256 PM.jpg
I know I am writing about Colette not the first time, but still… There is something addictive about the coolness of this store. This time when I came to the multi-brand store located in the heart of Saint Honore street, I noticed that Parisian’s simply wear their best clothes just to look as most fashionable and stylish as possible just for this place! So many fashionistas, bloggers, artists and fashion dictators come here, it is nearly impossible to concentrate on the goods sold here. Colette is more a cult than a typical flossy boutique. Definitely, this place full of Givenchy, Ashish, Piece Anarchive and french club music is a spot to be. And by the way- my shopping this time here was very rich…

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Yazbukey’s Matrioska

matrioska_yaz_bukey_sac_de_2013_926302732_north_883x.1“For Christmas 2013, Yaz Bukey has designed an exclusive Russian-doll accessories set for the concept store Colette, which is made up of three color-charged plexiglass figurines: a clutch, coin purse and mirror, fitting one inside the other just like a real matrioshka doll. The perfect accessory to add a touch of unexpected humor to your Christmas.”