Fondazione Prada


“Haunted Tower”

Fondazione Prada is Milan’s most exciting place, where curated art meets architecture and its past. The creator of Fondazione Prada is, as the name might suggest, Miuccia Prada, whose love to art is as strong as to fashion. This is not an average, contemporary art museum – Fondazione fuses visual appreciation with intellectual pleasure – everything that happens here, from silent dance performances to temporary exhibitions, feels bonded together. The “Haunted House” covered with gold and the whole Fondazione Prada site is part of a former distillery complex dating back to the 1910s.

Without transforming the original volumes, the architecture project has preserved and enhanced the building by reinforcing the structure and gilding its external surface. As stated by Rem Koolhaas, the architect behind the museum, “Fondazione is not a preservation project and not a new architecture. Two conditions that are usually kept separate here confront each other in a state of permanent interaction–offering an ensemble of fragments that will not congeal into a single image, or allow any part to dominate the others. New, old, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, white, black, open, enclosed–all these contrasts establish the range of oppositions that define the new Fondazione. By introducing so many spatial variables, the complexity of the architecture will promote an unstable, open programming, where art and architecture will benefit from each other’s challenges”. Permanently, Fondazione Prada exhibits Louis Bourgeois‘s metaphysical installations, Robert Gober‘s eerie and surreal artworks. As part of the temporary exhibition, it’s essential to see Damien Hirst‘s “Trittico“, which literally presents a gynecologist chair immersed in a huge, fish-filled aquarium.

After few hours of discovering and learning about Fondazione Prada’s treasures, it’s a great idea to have cup of coffee at Bar Luce, which was designed by Wes Anderson, the famous director of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” – the pastel green wallpapers and delicious, marmalade cupcakes certainly give the caffè a status of the best museum cafeteria in the world. If you are planning a visit to Milan, then don’t even try to miss Fondazione Prada on your go-to list!


Via Largo Isarco 2 / Milan










Colette Art-Drive


At level 5 of the Herzog & de Meuron’s parking building, for only one week you’ll find 24-7, a selection of products from artists as diverse as a beach towel or a mug, a signed and numbered print, a pair of sunglasses, a Rolex watch or a puzzle. Zaha Hadid, Daniel Arsham, Jose Parla, Toilet Paper, Kitsuné, Luis Morais, and Thom Browne are among the artists and brands that participate to the project. Many exclusive products will be available: a set of Chrome Hearts Ketchup & Mustard Lids , a colette blue Andy Warhol wallpaper, a Julia Chiang pin’s, a box of Ladurée macaroons by Will Cotton! And that’s all happening at Art Basel Miami… Colette now does an artistic version of McDonalds!

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McQueen X Damien Hirst

zdjęcie 5 The famous Alexander McQueen skull printed scarf was something that made everybody stand on their heads 10 years ago. The silk scarfs in various colours, is widely available in all most all luxury boutiques, making the famous skull the logo of McQueen. The recent collaboration that the label had was the one with Damien Hirst- the artist that bejeweled a human skull with real diamonds! These limited edition scarves will be soon in stores, with their butterfly and other insect prints. Surely, this will be a new object of want from Alexander McQueen!
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Spring at DACBE…

damien_hirst_emerge_320x320_cDesign & Culture by Ed had a small change… As we approach to Spring, there is the new orange backround representing our favouriye collections from Resort 2014; What’s Hot that is everyday showing hottest pieces from various on-line shops, too are all into Spring. Plus don’t forget the each month changing PLAYLIST in the page section… And today is the premiere of TREND REPORT SS14! Hope you will enjoy!

Prada X Damien Hirst

prada_damien_hirst_entomology-bag-1aThis is the moments hottest collab on the horizon- Damien Hirst for Prada! Entimology serie is a capsule collection in which Damien Hisrt, famous artist who covered a skull in diamonds, decorates the new SS14 Prada bags with huge bugs, ants and flies… This surely something very limited edition and possibly will be sold in some Prada stores, but… as everything that is connected with Miuccia Prada, it’s all about art. So this bag is like a museal exponent at this moment!prada_damien_hirst_entomology-bag-2