Cracow: Trzy Rybki


Trzy Rybki (Three Fish) is a restaurant situated in Hotel Stary (The Old Hotel), which is Cracow’s most fine place to be and to eat. The food here is simple, but with a twist of Asian & Polish fusion. I really enjoyed eating the tuna tatare- it was chopped in a way, that it seemed to look like pasta. And that wasabi sauce all around… Yum! If talking of the interior, Trzy Rybki is truly a star. Old, stone walls, glass, red roses and medieval wooden floor. Sounds simple, but the effect is stunning. That’s a first place you need to tick on your Cracow “to be” list.






Munich: Toshi Restaurant

20130810-121055 AM.jpg
The Toshi Restaurant in Munchen, Germany, is a top Japanese Cuisine restaurant in the whole Bavaria region! Known for highest quality products of raw fish and ingredients straight from Japan, amazing service and very detailed cooking skills are in this beautiful, minimalistic space!
The biggest highlight of the restaurant is for sure the Shabu-Shabu (Wagyu beef that you boil in broth with shitake and other strange sounding veggies…) and overally the selection of Wagyu. But, not forgetting of something more simple, so sushi, the rolls, maki and nigiri are just mind blowing! Everything is done in such a masterpiece state, you just don’t want to end your meal!

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