Isabeli in Peru


After seeing the recent Vogue Paris that was all about Peru and Latin America, I was totally stunned. Someone definetly kicked Emanuelle Alt into her ass, because this issue is a masterpiece! Alt chose three amazing models- Erin Wasson, Kate Moss and Isabeli Fontana- to show the real spirit of this beautiful place. Of course evrything was under the wings of Mario Testino- who in reality comes from Lima, Peru! Here is the first part of this really JUICY journey to Peru…

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Vienna 24h in Style

20130125-083345 PM.jpg
Vienna is a city that has it’s tradition (where else nowadays you can find ladies and gentlemens coming on a dinner in long evening gowns, diamonds, smoking or a tie for everyday?) that is well treated and at the same it has a youth spirit. It’s like a mix of Zurich and Berlin. Today we were here for a day. And I should say that I am really suprised! This city is just cool! We are staying in Hotel Sacher, where the first ever Sacher Torte (a delicious chocolate cake founded by Eduard Sacher. His recipe for it is kept in secret in the hotel safe) was made. The hotel is very beautiful and full of ornaments. The wallpapers are very elegant and delicate. And the painting around are just stunning.

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The green room was where we ate a Austrian breakfast- first time from 2 weeks a fried egg! After in the morning we visited St. Stepane Cathedral one of the most beautiful ones in the world. It was very gothic and massive. But the treasury were the golden ornaments were found, were I think a inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana Men’s AW13 show. Gold, stones, hand made… The interesting thing in the cathedral is the roof that has some triangular shapes on it.

20130125-085747 PM.jpg

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And now let’s go to the fun part- shopping! In Vienna, jewellery takes a important role in fashion- it’s always crazy and colourful or elegant and rich. In this superb boutique of B Reisch, the fantasy is never ending. You like giraffes or cucumbers- you can find them on earings! There were cheries, fish, squirrels- this shop is just on my Nr.1 list in Vienna. The antiquaries are also popular here with some asian sculptures, the same as modern galleries with “nice price” of 14’000€ per piece of art!

20130125-090609 PM.jpg

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Vienna has it, if we talk about unique fashion stores. The Chanelish, Armanish and Guccish ones are really boring if comparing to the hottest boutiques in the city- Chegini and Amicis. Chegini is a line of Vienese shops that got labels like Celine, Margiela, McCartney, Owens… It has women’s and men’s wear. The biggest store is really cool, it’s similar to the NY Soho ones. And here are two Lena’s looks she bought!

20130125-091406 PM.jpg

20130125-091421 PM.jpg

20130125-091440 PM.jpg

20130125-091456 PM.jpg

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Look 1- Celine dress and shoes
Look2- Celine shirt, Stella McCartney pants, Celine shoes+ Celine small yellow bag.
The second shop I loved was with menswear, Amicis. It’s her wher you can buy Givenchy and Balenciaga! The selection was so wonderful… And various McQueen t-shirts are just my dream- the biggest is the one with dragonfly wings on.

20130125-092113 PM.jpg

20130125-092124 PM.jpg
~FOOD of Vienna~
-Of course the Sacher Torte with whipped cream is a absolute winner- “Be aware of fakes, eat the Sacher only in Vienna” the motto of my hotel is. Thanks to this cake, in the hotel you can find a Sacher shampoo, Sacher towels, Sacher TV, Sacher…

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-The recent fashionable restaurant/bar/cafe in Vienna is Fabios. The interior is cosmic- dark glass, wooden/neon floors and so on. The food is lite and modern, but really good. It’s simple. He must try is the Beef Tatar and Organic chicken

20130125-092801 PM.jpg
Vienna is a lovely place in other words, and I hope I will visit it for longer soon!

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