Berlin: Schumacher Love

zdjęcie 3The beautiful Schumacher boutique is located in the Quartet 206 building, next to stores of Moschino and Brille 54. But first of all, what is Schumacher? No it’s not one of these not popular Parisian labels or something else this type. It’s super famous German label that is known for beautifully made clothes in pretty low prices! All German women have something from Schumacher, and it’s on the level of Miu Miu! Schumacher is design by Miss Dorothee Schumacher, that as she says, designs clothes for women to be completing their looks. Totally agree because every women wering this Berlin based label looks stylish and warm. Just as their woolen sweaters and beautiful, cute dresses. Plus, it is not copying famous designers like Givenchy nor Prada- it has it’s own style, with cute prints and colourful stones attched on the collars and scarves! And this boutique over here is definitely the best of all- with a characteristic Schumacher wallpaper showing their circular packaging boxes, and warm, simpatic pastel colours used on sofas and chairs. Additionally, the service gives you some free Schumacher water! Friedrichstraße 71 in the Quartet 206 zdjęcie 4-kopiazdjęcie 4zdjęcie 2zdjęcie 1zdjęcie 1-kopia 2zdjęcie 4-kopia 2zdjęcie 1-kopiazdjęcie 2-kopia 2zdjęcie 3-kopia 2zdjęcie 1-kopia 3zdjęcie 2-kopiazdjęcie 3-kopia