Too Edgy. Miu Miu AW17


Back in 2014, System Magazine asked Miuccia Prada to explain the differences between her main line and Miu Miu. According to the interview, designing at Miu Miu is much less complicated for Miuccia, whereas at Prada, it’s sometimes a struggle – the label is a synonym of ‘sophistication’, both for women’s and men’s fashion. Miu Miu’s  soul is naive; spontaneous; immediate. For autumn-winter 2017, I didn’t get those three terms at Miu Miu. Edginess is definitely something that accompanied a Miu Miu girl throughout the years – but this season, it’s too much. Not that I don’t have a soft spot for purple faux-fur (especially when it’s used as a carpet) or fluffy hats. But I doubt that this overdose of 70s psychedelia and 30s technicolor does any good. Bold prints, over-sized collars, tiaras, geek boots: although all of them are Miu Miu signatures, this time they feel senseless combined together. In other words, the collection looks ridiculous. And surely incomparable to Prada collection (which was presented a few weeks ago in Milan), where the designer took us to another level of femininity.

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So Parisienne! AW13

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Soon I’m coming to my beloved Paris, the capital of fashion world! And I had few days of thinking about the recent Paris Fashion Week. And I want to write about two more great collections I had to look at one more time- Miu Miu and Stella McCartney. These two really know the formula of a real PARISIENNE look! So here it is:

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MIU MIU- Miuccia Prada really rocked at Miu Miu. The handkerchiefs in various colours with plka dots were so cool! There were beautiful coats and mnimalistic dresses that looked really stylish. And everything was totally broken in positive way, with colourful boots and awesome patterned socks! This collection was like a mix of modernity and vintage. More polka dots were seen after: the pink and yellow coats were totally covered with same dots that gave sweetness to everything. Very PARISIENNE!

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STELLA McCARTNEY- Elegance, sporty lifestyle, beauty and chic- these are keywords of Stella’s recent collection. Everything was kept in greys, blacks and violets and had easy forms. And this fragle feeling was mixed with black boots that looked comfortable! I should say that from some time, Stella McCartney collections have pieces that do look and are comfortable. And did you see the wool dress that had black lace on bottom? So PARISIENNE it was!

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