Jil (Leaves) Sander

tumblr_mv7tc29oIV1qituglo1_500Well… that sounds pretty ridiculously, but Jil Sander leaves Jil Sander. And the funniest thing is, that it’s not the first time. First she did that in 2000 when Prada Group bought the house; then in 2003 she was back for around two years. When she left the second time, Raf Simons got his name really popular, that helped him to appear at Dior… In the same when Jil show here SS13 collection for Jil Sanders. The SS14 was her last collection, and the AW14 will be created by house’s design team. These leavings seem to be a bit strange, but OK, maybe there is a reason why Sander, the revolutionizer of German minimalism works out when she wants to! Now only lets speculate who will be next a Jil Sander…
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Stomping Feet


This season is definetly theirs. Nothing will stop them this Winter, even Tom Ford’s fairy-tale thigh high boots with hand made embroideries. Well, Tom Ford would throw up if he would heard that the famous club footed giant clobs with rubber soles would be gesting his runway. But still the inner beauty soul of mine still loves Tom’s creation… but this is not the thing. Fashion giants like Prada, Stella McCartney and Jil Sander together with a plague of young british designers are just crazy about them. Masculine inspired shoes, so called boots nowadays have lots of not too kind nicknames- mammonthly elevatedm tractor tread shoes. But why do women love them. Easy answear- they are simply ugly. Sounds strange, but yes dear female readers, there is now a new fashion era of ugliness- from wearing furkenstocks on feet to mixing prints and colours, that in the past would not even make it in the cheapest pubs. But now they are the ones that are most photographed on street styles and in magazine editorials! Boots are now the most WANTED on women’s wishlist. The next point of their amazingness is their comfortable state (no heels, wedges, mid heels, killer heels, strange ropes etc.) and practically! Now you shall were it everywhere! Even on a MET Gala during the Punk trend. Yes. Punk. Punk also made boots for women more popular. Punk was a controversy. Punks wore boots everywhere. “Normal” people in times of Punk massive attack were saying that it’s so disgusting… And now it’s the most worn shoe for almost ten seasons.

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But this season is the most  Punk’d as you can see, filtering magazines and Instagram. So no wonder why boots are killing the high heels that are just so last season! While I pretty like this shoe trend, it feels kind of rebellious and free spirited. In these shoes you will conquer your shoes. As Stella McCartney says “We’re allowed to have inner strenght and it takes that to wear those shoes”. Her collection was like a gender mix- a man shirt that was very long, making it a dress, feels a bit Marc Jacobs, but on women looks great. Laces mixed with smokings looked very modern and surely gives a inner power to every wearing it fashionista. But, these strange shoes might be very romantic, as says Miuccia Prada. True. They looked very sexy accompanied with the dresses and wet hair of models… But what makes a bit suprised, that mostly woman used this “forbidden” trend. Well, except Hedi Slimane and Karl Lagerfeld. But that’s a totally other story to tell. I mean, they are also boots, but boots designed by men this season are beautiful- full of decorations, chains. As I said on the beginning, giving example of Tom Ford, men don’t really like seeing women in these chuncky shoes. It’s better when it is high, hurty and sexy!


London designers are just in love with them. Erdem, Christopher Kane, J.W. Anderson. All of them had boots in their collections. BUT. At Kane, the Chelsea boots were covered with feathers (not so ugly then), at Erdem with crystals (might say even beautiful, and J.W. Anderson’s were so ugly, they were simply beautiful. Yes this is a strange world of Anderson. But why mostly London designers used this type of footwear? Cheaper to make? More commercial? Or just a case of inpiration? In fact, you can wear boots everytime and everwhere. They will make it great with a slim dress or with a mohair striped SL sweater and leather leggins. Or even with a Louis Vuitton boudoir inspired lace dress (that would be a cool hard core on street style in Paris!). In other words, the Wrong Shoes as many people call, are the new IT shoes of the season, and maybe of the decade.

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Valentino AW13 Campaign

maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-9The Valentino collection for AW13 was all about the Netherlands influences- the faous “Girl with a Pearl”, tulips and the Delft blue porcelain that is compared to the Asian Ming dynasty blue vases! The collection indeed was one of the best from Pierpaolo and Maria, just as this marvelous, mystery campaign. Models (Magdalena Jasek, Sasha Luss and more) present beautiful gowns and leather goods in a black backround and typical Dutch decorated tables full of food and tulips… and shoes! This version of Valentino is really great!maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-1maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-3maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-12maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-6maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-5maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-8maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-7maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-2maud-kati-magdalena-irina-sam-erika-tamara-laura-nouk-sasha-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-valentino-fw-2013-2014-4

Proenza Schouler AW13 Campaign


As the New York based fashion label, Proenza Schouler have their 10 years of graceful career this year, Design & Culture by Ed decided to celebrate with them tis fantastic moment! But, first let me introduce Proenza a bit closer to you. PS is created by a designer duo Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough.  Proenza Schouler is now one of the hottest American label known for amazing textures and it’s youthful spirit, has it’s own new store on Madison Avenue in New York… A very Happy Birthday Proenza Schouler, hope to see you even better in next 10 years!

The fourth and last part of our little Proenza Schouler celebration is all about… it’s recent AW13 campaign! They tapped Russian top-model, Sasha Pivovarova, that is super beautiful! Traditionally, David Sims took the photographs, with an additional space for some computer/graphic made art showing paradise birds and cosmic nevulas… It’s all so elusive and perfectly matches this AW13 feminine collection! One more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROENZA SCHOULER!