Tim Walker’s Pirelli


Although these are only the backstage images from the actual shoot, this steamy hot preview can’t be ignored. You might have already heard that Tim Walker was chosen by Pirelli to collaborate on 2018’s calendar. One thing was sure since the appointment became public – those wouldn’t be bombsell nudes, but twelve, extremely far-fetched visuals.

The casting is all-black and inovolves people from all walks of life. Designed by Shona Heath and styled by Edward Enninful, 2018’s calendar is all about the tale of Alice in (Walker’s) Wonderland. So, who plays whom? RuPaul is The Queen of Hearts, Lupita Nyong’o has the role of The Doormouse, Lil Yachty acting as The Queen’s Guard, Whoopi Goldberg portraying The Royal Duchess, and model Duckie Thot playing the titular Alice. There’s Thando Hopa (South African sexual offence lawyer turned model, who has albinism). There’s Puff Daddy (!). There’s Slick Woods and Adwoa Aboah. And there’s Naomi Campbell. “I’m the beheader: I chop people’s heads off. And I like it,” the supermodel declares. She continues, saying “this calendar is gonna be a historic calendar. It’s gonna go down in the history of Pirelli. It couldn’t be more balanced and diverse which is something we all strive for each day. And Tim, we love you, you’re a hero and this is gonna be the best calendar ever.” I love him to the moon and back too, Omi. Can’t wait to see the entire shoot!

Backstage photos by Alessandro Scotti.

Madhouse Tales


Mad about fashion, fashion is about madness.

Publication: W Magazine August 2017 Model: Anna Ewers, Julia Nobis, Natalie Westling Photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful Hair: Jimmy Paul Make Up: Dick Page

Visual Privilege of Polly Mellen


Twiggy photographed by Richard Avedon and styled by Polly Mellen, Vogue, July 1967.

After reading System’s incredible interview with 92-year old Polly Mellen (former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar, American Vogue and Allure), I realised how boring fashion is today. Those were the days, when Polly took Veruschka to Japan for five weeks and made the most expensive editorial in Vogue’s history; when Leslie Winer and Jean Michel Basquiat made out at Irving Penn’s studio; when Mellen and Avedon worked with Nasstasja Kinski, who willingly posed with a snake on her naked body. The way Polly describes this experience to Jonathan Wingfield is equally emotive: now, I don’t know if you’ve ever held a snake… it is so erotic, you cannot imagine, it’s like holding your lover’s penis, it really is. Truly, I found reading this feauture inspiring and gripping like an adventure book – Mellen’s life is, as she describes, a ‘visual privilege’.


Nastassja Kinski photographed by Richard Avedon and styled by Polly Mellen.


Veruschka photographed by Richard Avedon and styled by Polly Mellen, Vogue, 1966.


Veruschka photographed by Richard Avedon and styled by Polly Mellen, Vogue, 1966.


Jerry Hall photographed by Helmut Newton and styled by Polly Mellen, Vogue, October 1974.


Unpublished, photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Polly Mellen, 1997.