Zurich: Fidelio, local art and more…

Fidelio is a magic place in Zurich. Why? Because there is this equation: ACNE+MARCELO BURLON+COMME DES GARÇONS=AMAZING SHOP! All the clothes there were marvelous. My beloved piece was the Marcelo Burlon t-shirt with red snakes! I was looking for it like for ages. Then there were also cool Acne boots with turquoise sole… That they were too big for me. I hope they will wait for me next year… And they are on SALE! What’s more; I fell in love with this overloose Comme des Garcons coat with zippers. But it was really unpractical. However the biggest happiness gave me that I could see it! Here are pics of the biggest highlights:

20130101-040946 PM.jpg

20130101-041006 PM.jpg

20130101-041013 PM.jpg

20130101-041020 PM.jpg
And now of the phenomen of Zurich- in big amount of shops there are those small, cute puppies! And the sweetest one of all was the York from Agent Provocateur.

20130101-041237 PM.jpg

20130101-041247 PM.jpg
And the outfit of Lena- Shirt by Schumacher, Skirt by Lanvin, cardigan by Prada, stockings by Alaia, shoes by Isabel Marant

20130101-041703 PM.jpg
And the street art- Twinkle Bell, this yellow, small, flying elf. It was painted on one of the walls of houses.

20130101-041854 PM.jpg