Calm Elegance. Prada SS20

No prints. No logos. Calm elegance. That’s the Prada I truly love. It’s been a while since Miuccia Prada did a collection that wasn’t focused on a motif, a fabric or a theme. Cotton tiered dresses worn with espadrilles, smooth leather suits, vintage-looking details (like 30s-inspired feather embroideries and sea-shell necklaces), soft knitted polos, a classic, black dress that isn’t too sheer or too goth… Every look involved a mix of textures (macramé, straw, velvet, calf, patent, rope, paillettes and others) and context (the beach, the office, a party, a weekend escape – you name it). Miuccia’s starting point for this collection was that “the person should be more important than the clothes,” and further, that “personal style is more important than clothes.” She was also hoping to make a point about simplicity, non-disposability, and “doing less.” After all, sustainability is also about investing in pieces you will wear for years. This is a delightful start of Milan fashion week.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Saint Laurent on Avenue Montaigne

20130513-070643 AM.jpg
Ok. I have love hate relationship with Hedi Slimane. Hate- his fashion for AW13 and bad modification for Yves Saint Laurent. Love- his amazing aesthetics, photography and new botiques that are redesigned all over the world! When I was in Berlin, this small, ugly YSL store was so without touch. And now, whole in marble, silver and black, it’s two floors and the clothes look there so great! Thanks god they did something good in Paris- they redesigned the old YSL boutique into SL in the style as the one in Berlin on Avenue Montaigne! So happy now! It all catches my tastes in these matters… And Freja Beha is a model of photographies by Hedi that show the new boutique.

20130513-071207 AM.jpg

20130513-071218 AM.jpg

20130513-071308 AM.jpg

20130513-071320 AM.jpg

20130513-071331 AM.jpg

20130513-071343 AM.jpg

20130513-071357 AM.jpg

20130513-071410 AM.jpg

20130513-071419 AM.jpg

20130513-071429 AM.jpg